Dr. Frederick B. Covington, OTD


Dr. Frederick B. Covington, OTD, is an occupational therapist , award winning inventor, lecturer, and author. Following his graduation from Howard University he began his career as an occupational therapist. His areas of expertise includes pediatrics, school based intervention, autism, developmental disabilities, physical disability and dysfunction, technology, as well as geriatrics. Holistic patient care is at the center of his mantra, being "Treat the individual, not the diagnosis."


For the past decade Dr. Covington has honed his skills in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland regions by providing private/residential occupational therapy evaluations, school occupational therapy services, adaptive equipment assessments, and safety/ergonomic home modifications. In addition, Dr. Covington has been recognized for his pediatric treatment methods for individuals presenting with intellectual impairments, behavioral problems, ADHD, OCD, sensory integration deficits, learning disabilities, and executive functional disorders. Having a passion for technology, Dr. Covington has developed multiple iPad, Kindle, and Windows Mobile applications to therapeutically better the lives of all.


"Always treat the individual, ​

   not the diagnosis."  


- Dr. Frederick B. Covington, OTD -



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